Data Service

We offer a unique web based data service, where vital information about the stunning system is available at all times from remote locations.



  • Monitor installation
  • Third party organizations can access selected information
  • SMS or mail warnings to the chief engineer when unexpected readings occur
  • Bench mark different sites
  • Custom made printed reports on remote locations
  • Data storage


  • Continuous monitoring of CO2 concentration and consumption
  • Number of gondolas since last service
  • Stunning time for each gondola
  • Number and type of stop per day
  • Oil level
  • Resistance on gates or main drive


  • Reduced downtime
  • Reduced CO2 consumption
  • Better information for management, vets etc.

It is necessary to install online equipment in order to subscribe for this arrangement. Online equipment consists of:


  • Internet connection, e.g. xDSL, with fixed public IP-address (paid by customer).
  • Upgrading of existing process equipment to allow online support.

Key features

  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Access to service technician outside normal working hours
  • Less need for local personnel training
  • Free access to software updates
  • Online support to optimize and adjust process settings
  • Access to web-page with password for Graphs / Curves; Ordering of spare parts; service counter and IP telephone

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