Hotline Service

Our CO2-stunning systems are constructed from components of the highest quality. However, defects can arise and cause downtime. Time is money and an immediate response from our highly educated personnel can save money. Regular control of process settings can also help to optimize capacity and minimize consumption of CO2. Subscription for online support allows the customer to contact a service technician outside normal working hours.


24 hours a day, our team is ready to answer questions related to electrics, control systems and mechanical installations.


This hotline service guarantees fast action and reduces downtime if the machine should stop during the weekend or at night, as there is no need to wait until the office is open to get assistance.


It is necessary to install online equipment in order to subscribe for this arrangement. Online equipment consists of:


  • Internet connection, e.g. xDSL, with fixed public IP-address (paid by customer).
  • Upgrading of existing process equipment to allow online support. 



Key Features

  • 24 hours on-line
  • Minimum downtime for customers worldwide

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