Service Circles

Slaughterhouses require reliable and solid equipment to secure maximum working hours.


Process and mechanical equipment which is not being maintained or replaced in due time may cause unexpected downtime and consequently loss of profits.


We have experienced service technicians, who are available for periodic surveillance, service and replacement of worn parts.


The authorities are increasing their demands on documentation of operation of machines and handling of slaughter animals. Upon agreement, all process equipment will be checked and calibrated at each visit. Our service technicians prepare reports which can be passed on to the relevant authorities.


Join one of our Service Circles and reduce your service costs. We are able to plan ahead and obtain better transport prices and split the costs among the customers in the service circle. We can service your machine on regular intervals; you decide the frequency which can be from once a month to once every year. This ensures that your machine is always in top condition.

Key Features

  • Regular control of the stunning system minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime
  • Reports on calibration of the metering systems can be presented to relevant authorities.
  • Training of local personnel is reduced
  • Service can be performed totally or partly by our service technicians.
  • We guarantee that the service intervals agreed upon are kept. 

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