Company profile

We have over 35 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and installation of advanced CO2-(carbon dioxide) stunning systems for pigs.

The handling and stunning of pigs is a very niche area, requiring in-depth understanding of the nature of CO2 stunning of animals, combined with a very good understanding of customers' needs and production processes.

Our team consists of 60 employees who have installed more than 600 systems all over the world. More than 90% of all pigs stunned by CO2 are stunned by one of our systems. The close relationship with leading suppliers and research institutes has further strengthened our dominant market position.

Marel has a wide range of products, including CO2-group stunning systems for capacities of less than 100 pigs/hour, full range systems for up to 950 pigs/hour, driveway systems, service products and customized solutions.

The products and solutions are sold to a wide variety of customers, including small local slaughterhouses and some of the largest pig processing plants in the world, processing more than 30,000 pigs/day.

We focus on our customers' need to improve their competitive edge through research, troubleshooting, quality control and regulatory compliance.


One of our major achievements has been the design and production of the Butina Backloader, a CO2-group stunning system together with the Danish Meat Research Institute. The Backloader defined new standards for animal handling and welfare.


Our CO2 stunning systems

Number of pigs per hour stunned in one of our stunning systems:

North America:     26.600 pigs
South America:      4.400 pigs
Europe:                75.400 pigs
Asia:                      3.900 pigs
Oceania:                2.200 pigs


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