Tönnies Fleisch

TönniesFleisch is one of Europe's largest and most modern food processing companies, they upgraded their slaughter line with the addition of 2+1 new Backloader XL stunning systems.


TönniesFleisch was established more than 30 years ago in 1971 and today is the largest privately owned company producing quality meat in Europe.



The company installed a new double unit Backloader XL6 with an optimised automated loading system - handling the animals in groups of 7-8 pigs. The installation has been equipped with the latest innovations and technology - including Motion Control for precise positioning, electrical pushing devices for automation of drive alleys and surge pens, optimized shackling with high speed belt conveyors, a new control unit with an optimized program for capacity balancing and online connection to internal and external network.


Each system is capable of handling more than 720 pigs/h, gently without stressing the animals, making the installation one of the most advanced in the world.


As a long time supplier of equipment to TönniesFleisch, we wish to continue our co-operation over the coming years to make sure that the new installations will contribute to complying with the high animal welfare and quality requirements applying for TönniesFleisch.

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