Optional Products for Backloader

Automatic Pre-Dividing Gate (PDG)
For high capacity operations PDG has been introduced. The new gate system optimizes the time spent dividing a group of 15 pigs into two groups, thus reducing the overall time spent loading the pigs into the stunning boxes.

The capacity of a single unit system with PDG can increase the capacity of our XL-model to over 800 pigs/hour without compromising animal welfare. This product is primarily for customers, who have a Backloader XL6 or bigger.


Automatic Push Hoist Gate (PHG)
The PHG for moving of pigs from the pen area to the stunning area is now delivered with an electrical motor used in combination with driveways.

This allows for a smoother operation and simple adjustment of stops, speed and push force on a frequency drive via our userfriendly menu system, thus reducing the number of personnel required.


Upgrade your system with a Graphical PC Panel
If your Backloader system has an MP270 or an OP7, it is possible to upgrade to a Graphical PC Panel.

A faster response time is achieved since the system is based on a SQL-database. It is therefore possible to control the panel through a customer's internal network so technicians and veterinaries can read current and historical data. Additionally, online support from our technicians is available, e.g. with regard to tracing errors.


Analyses and logs the current consumption of the CO2-stunning system.

It is possible to continuously monitor whether there is a uniform consumption of CO2. Faults in calibration and adjustment can then be identified and corrected before there is a prolonged overconsumption of CO2.


Clean-in-place (CIP)
Automatic cleaning system mounted on the inside of the CO2-stunning system.

System ensures a uniform and thorough cleaning.


Other equipment
CO2-alarm unit optical/acoustic
CO2-alarm sensor 0-2% CO2
Extra CO2-measuring units 0-100% CO2
Driving bat - less stressful for animals than common electric push drivers
Slat curtain covering discharge opening - saving CO2

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