Blood Collection

The Anitec blood collection systems fulfil all present EU and USDA veterinary and hygienic demands. From every animal we can hygienically collect about 85% of its blood. Yields depend on many factors, such as the size of the animals, killing speed and experience of the stickers but generally about 3 liters per pig and 15 liters per cattle can be hygienically collected.


The Anitec blood collection systems fulfil the Fresh Meat Directive for edible blood by:

  • Collecting the blood inside the animal with the Anitec Hollow Knife
  • Sanitizing the knife between each animal
  • Batch-wise collection with full traceability to allow post-mortem inspection
  • Sanitizing all parts in contact with the blood between each batch
  • Cooling after post-mortem inspection approval



Anitec Basic: up to 220 pigs/hour

Anitec RotaStick: up to 1000 pigs/hour




  • Blood is a resource - not a problem
  • Short pay-back time
  • Plasma can replace meat and increase meat output
  • Soy free and GMO free labelling



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