Blood Processing

Plasma is recognized as a profitable meat stretcher and protein enricher. Hemoglobin can also be used in various meat products and is an excellent feed ingredient for piglets, fish farms, chicken and minks.

We provide automatic efficient and hygienic separation process plants, based on separators from third party suppliers.

From the collected blood about 60% plasma and 40% hemoglobin can be extracted. After the separation the plasma and the hemoglobin is automatically pumped to storage tanks for direct use or for further processing.



Blood plasma is a superior food ingredient potentially providing:

  • Increased water content
  • Increased protein content
  • Improved sensoric values (taste, juice, texture and bite)
  • Better binding of MDM (Mechanically de-boned meat)


Blood plasma has potential to replace many other protein additives giving the user:

  • Soy-free labelled products (non-allergic)
  • GMO free additive

Separation capacity of 200-3,000 liters of blood per hour.


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