Backloader 1 - Pig, Sheep, Lamb

The Butina CO2 Backloader 1 is ideal for smaller slaughterhouses who handle more than one species and want to implement CO2 stunning technology for pigs, lamb and sheep whilst focusing on animal welfare and meat quality.


The standard design is stainless and galvanized. It is supplemented with solid and thoroughly tested standard components and technologies, which prevent animals from becoming stessed.


The concept for this product is based on groups of animals being driven forward to the stunning system. The animals are divided into tailored groups and driven into the stunning boxes, which move down into the CO2-atmosphere according to the lift principle. After stunning, the animals are tipped out of the stunning box for shackling and sticking.



5 pigs per stunning box/105-119 pigs per hour

10 lambs per stunning box/200-220 lambs per hour



  • High level of consideration for animal welfare
  • One CO2-stunning system for multiple species
  • Handles groups of five to ten animals in each box
  • Utilizes the natural curiosity of the animals
  • Less stressed animals give improved meat quality
  • Better working environment for operating and mechanical personnel
  • Online support (Helpdesk) and mechanical service available


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