BallTec Dryer

The Anitec BallTec dryer is a low temperature/high thermal efficiency dryer characterized by using surface enlarging circular bodies (balls), wetted by the product to be dried, circulating in a drying chamber. The wetted circulating balls meet heated air in the drying chamber, 70-80% of the heated air runs counter flow to the ball direction and 20-30% with the ball direction blowing the powdered product of the balls. Most of the drying takes part when the balls run counter flow to the heated air. The air running with the balls removes the now dry product of the balls and fine-tunes the residual moisture of the powdered products.

The major advantages compared to other spray dryers:

  • Requires one third or less of the space
  • Uses 30% less energy, between 1.3 and 1.5 kg of steam/kg of evaporated water
  • Requires 7-10% less wet product for each kilo of powdered product produced
  • Operates at far lower temperatures, eliminating the risk of denaturing the final products
  • Low loss of product into the environment without additional filter arrangements
  • A less bulky and less dusty powder due to a specific weight of about 0.65 kg/l giving less packing material and less storage/transport volume


Between 240-500 liters of evaporated water per hour.


Per 1,000 liters of liquid natural plasma the output corresponds to about 97.5 kg of powdered plasma with a residual moisture content of about 7%.<br/>

<br/>Per 1,000 liters of liquid hemoglobin the output corresponds to about 355 kg of powdered hemoglobin with a residual moisture content of about 7%.

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