Optional Products for Jumbo

Hoist gates

Rebuilding of Jumbo 6-8 by supplying the boxes with hoist gates.


Larger entrance to the stunning boxes and more space, since the saloon doors are removed from the boxes.


Sliding gates/stainless steel doors

Rebuilding of sliding gates/doors from pneumatic-operated into electric pneumatic-operated.


Possibility of automatic opening of the entrance gate when the stunning box is in entrance position. The operator then gains more time to handle the pigs.



Analyses and logs the current consumption of the CO2-stunning system.


You can continuously monitor whether there is a uniform consumption of CO2. Faults in calibration and adjustment can then be identified and corrected before there is a prolonged over consumption of CO2.


Automation of the runway

Rebuilding of closed runway systems into automatic driveways leading the pigs into the stunning system.



Better animal welfare.


Clean-in-place (CIP)

Automatic cleaning system mounted at the inside of the CO2-stunning system.



The system ensures a uniform and thorough cleaning.


Other equipment

CO2-alarm unit optical/acoustic

CO2-alarm sensor 0-2% CO2

Extra CO2-measuring unit 0-100% CO2

CO2-printer 0-100%

Slat curtain covering discharge opening - saving CO2

Mini process control - recording CO2%, stunning time, date and hour

Driving bat - less stressful for animals than common electric push drivers.


Hoist gates

Sliding gates

CO2 Flowmeter

Automation of the runway

Driving bat

CO2 gauge

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